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Enter Karazhan

Postby Tatertot » Mon Feb 12, 2007 11:43 am

It's been quiet on this homepage, but most certainly not in the guild. The TBC launch came right in time for many, as the old content was getting, well, old, and though PvP provided some temporary relief we were all thirsty for something new. And I know I speak for many when I say TBC gave us exactly what we'd been hoping for. Tons and tons of quests, smaller instances on varying difficulty modes, a kickstart for all professions (except engineering of course), flying mounts and outdoor PvP. This reads like a Blizzard promo pitch but hey, they did it again, credit's due.

As we worked our way to 70 and tried to figure out the myriad of reputation grinds that were waiting and attunements that needed to be done, we all realised Karazhan would be our first 'larger' content and that a 10 man instance would not hold our entire guild. But this is Quartz, so we decided to just make three groups at once. And this weekend, Team Blue, Red and Green all ventured into Karazhan and slapped around the first few bosses. I can't explain how great it is to see three groups of 10 people all work together smoothly and achieve success on their own - and I thoroughly enjoy the smaller raid groups: you quickly learn what people's strengths are (and weaknesses of course - Tatertot/Darigaaz + doorway = prox aggro) and being back at the bottom of the gear list is a nice reminder of the early MC days, when we really felt like we were not supposed to be there yet. All I really want to say is: here's to a great TBC and may Karazhan completely fall to the might of the pink bunny soon. Thank you guys for sticking around and making the guild what it is.
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