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Sartura down.. again?

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Sartura down.. again?

Postby Tatertot » Thu Oct 04, 2007 4:48 pm

With Karathress down, we only had one boss left in SSC before the great Lady, a Sartura wannabe called Leotheras. Nothing makes Morbo happier than feeling like he's playing a useful class for once (a tank) and last week's first attempts almost lead to a kill right away, with a string of classic wipes below 10%. I dare say the only tricky part of this encounter is not losing your head in the last 15%. For some reason the noble Quartz collective, faced with a boss that's 'almost dead' loses its senses completely and after trinketing and nuking and everyone getting aggro, we noticed he was at 10% with half the raid dead. Okay, so that doesn't work apparently! Who knew?

This week we tried, against our nature, to stay calm, cool and collected, and despite some shameful moments from members I will not name (not me, obviously), and a mind controlled MT, Leo quickly dropped before the might of the Quartz horde. Only Vashj left in SSC now - though with our number of raid days it might be a while before we have the time to do some serious attempts - expect updates from the easier TK bosses first.
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