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The circle of life: Vashj down, site back up

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The circle of life: Vashj down, site back up

Postby Tatertot » Sat Oct 06, 2007 9:07 am


It's been two strange weeks. Our site was hacked, we had some bad raids and people were frustrated with the little time our slacking raiding schedule left for new content. Vashj is simply not an encounter you can practice for a single night now and then - it felt like we spent more time remembering what on earth we were supposed to be doing than actually improving, not to mention having to introduce new people to the wonderful world of core tossing.

But Quartz wouldn't be Quartz if we didn't pull it together. We freed up some time to spend on Vashj, and promptly killed her, the site is back up, and trolls once more rule the world (and damage meters).

There's lots to say about Vashj - it's a fun encounter, a hectic dps check more than anything, with macros and/or proper TS communication being more or less essential. Sweaty palms and lots of 'here here, Thorny FREE THROW THE CORE TO ME!' make any Vashj night memorable. Special props to Gets for having full bags on an encounter that involves passing an item along - for anyone reading this that still has to do Vashj: yes, the core WILL disappear if you throw it to someone without bag space.

I'd like to find the guy that designed yet another encounter featuring frost immune mobs though, and the green bat droppings at the end are probably sponsored by GeForce and Kingston - your entire raid will be running for the nearest computer store after the first time you get there and find yourself lagging your way through ponds of poison.

All that aside, what I really want to say is simply this: I'm proud of you retards. We're back in business. On to Kael!
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