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Don't fondle the sorceress, retard!

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Don't fondle the sorceress, retard!

Postby Tatertot » Tue Nov 27, 2007 8:09 pm


Mount Hyjal is a nice change of pace. Tanks like the fact that aoers in cloth have higher repair costs than they do. Aoers enjoy being able to pump out 5k dps on a core part of the instance trash. Healers, well healer, enjoy yelling the names of people who die on TS. The raid as a whole enjoyed killing 2 bosses the first night on them. After 8 waves of aoe death we meet the lich, who promptly decides on Death and Decaying melee to death. Even with that the first attempt ended at 7%. Rather anti-climactic, considering butting heads with Kael has been our main occupation for a while. Next up was Anatheron, who probably would have been killed on the second, rather then 3rd (or was it fourth?) attempt had people not been so fond of fondling Jaina, making half the people in the raid miss the tactics in raid chat. Seeing all mages die at the same time was a beauty though. The raid would probably have ended sooner had someone learned the lesson from earlier in the evening and not fondled Jaina before who got what loot was decided. Such is life in Quartz. All in all it's nice to see this instance opening up, with encounters much like the ones in Zul Aman, which are quite interactive and rely on execution rather than being mad dps races.

(seeing as yours truly was absent, story by Miniboss this time)
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