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Postby Tatertot » Tue Feb 19, 2008 12:18 pm


Beforehand we read Archimonde was the ultimate retard check. Some guides suggested using 23 or 24 people rather than taking people who can't avoid a huge burning patch or who find it difficult to click on an item at the right time. Sadly, this is Quartz - if we raided without retards it would be a small raid indeed. The 'can't make a single mistake' bosses are bad enough, but when I found out this encounter also included no AE whatsoever, I was tempted to just cancel trying Archi altogether.

But the masses disagreed and off we went, to trashless wipes and lots of moron moments from everyone in the raid - from chestard ninja pulls to featherless tatertots - from nite forgetting how to stance dance after too much cider to azgard and his disconnecting to landi getting the MT airbursted - I can honestly say our wipes brought back fond Vael memories to me.

Archi is one of those fights that is extremely simple, with very little explanation or strategizing needed - all it takes is flawless execution. In absence of that, 2 min pvp trinkets and tremor totems also work. Thank god.
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